The Process


To get the full feel of what you want and how much it will cost, we need to know what you need wrapped and the surface’s size. For vehicle wraps, we need measure the square footage. For window wraps, floor and wall graphics, and custom signs we also need to know the size of the space we are working with to give you an accurate quote. We require photos of the vehicle or area to be wrapped, or you could swing by the shop and let us take a look. CLICK HERE to request a quote now.



We will work with you to create the message you are trying to get across. A $250 deposit is due before design is created. At this point it is important to have all information available and ready for the designer, such as high quality logos, all pertinent information, color schedule, and photos. We design your custom graphic on a template program so you can see what your design will look like. Our goal is to create a wrap more amazing than you expected.



We print your customized wrap on our special, state of the art printers, with only the highest quality 3M materials and laminates. We make sure everything is flawless in the printing process to give you the highest quality wrap. After printing, we laminate the design with a special film to protect it from sun fading or scratching.



SignIt! is different from the rest because we do NOT take any shortcuts. We are committed to a flawless installation process. We carefully measure every aspect of your car and precisely cut and place every part of your wrap with the upmost case. All installations are done in-house, it allows for a much higher standard of quality control. We do not cut any corners in the wrap process. Our 3m and lower certified installers are trained at the highest level to ensure the highest quality wrap installation. Installation usually takes 1-2 days.


All wraps are scheduled for installation AFTER artwork is finalized. Expect a 1-2 week turnaround from that point. Risk orders will be made accordingly.

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