Many times in our business, customers will order a decal that they want to install. We’ve had a flood of questions come in on how to install a decal on a vehicle. So with that in mind, we put together a list of instructions, along with a video demonstration!

Tools Needed:

  • alcohol and water in a  spray bottle (DO NOT USE WINDEX)
  • squeegy or credit card
  • masking tape
  • measuring tape
  • towel

Once you have collected your tools, it’s time to start the prep work for your decal. Whether it is on a wall, the side of a vehicle, or a window on the front of a store, the process is the same.

  1. Thoroughly clean surface with alcohol and water solution.
  2. Place the decal in the correct area, taping the top corners to hold the decal.
  3. Measure the distance of each side, adjust, and then measure the top and bottom areas and adjust. Remeasure after you know it is even.
  4. Tape the middle portion, top and bottom
  5. Remove the tape on one side and flip the decal back. Peel off the backing and remove  **Be sure the exposed vinyl does not touch itself or any other part of the area.**
  6. Using a squeegee or credit card to press the vinyl on the area. Start from the middle and work your way out.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the opposite side.
  8. Slowly remove the transfer tape starting  on a corner, pulling diagonally.

Note: A few bubbles in the decal are to be expected, they will work themselves out over the next week depending on temperature and weather.


Now you’ve installed your own decal that will last, advertising your business, organization, or event! With some instruction, DIY installing your SignIt! Wraps decal can be a snap, so your vehicle, window, wall, or floor can get your statement out to the world!

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