Vehicle Wraps: Making Your Money Work For You

As a business owner, leveraging your existing assets can make your money stretch further. Easier said than done, we know.

Investing in advertising strategies that will limit costs while sparking business is one way to put your assets to work for your company.

Representatives offering traditional outlets for your advertising dollars like television and radio commercials, along with, billboards focus their value on CPM, or “cost per thousand”. They offer rates on there monthly exposure mediums ranging for $1-$44 CPM. These traditional forms of advertisement may work for some but sometimes when managing your marketing budget you want to get creative with how you can leverage your current operations.

We’ve modestly outlined your vehicle wrap’s CPM

Your fleet of one or more is out daily working for your company. You’re driving quite a bit, so, modestly let’s say you’re passing 25,000 people on the road every weekday.

With that estimate, your one vehicle will reach 6,500,000 people yearly in it’s normal operation.

Now, let’s look at that same vehicle with a memorably designed vehicle wrap installed. For the sake of numbers let’s estimate that wrap’s investment being $3,000. Now our wraps last anywhere from 5-8 years depending on level of upkeep, but let’s estimate your wrap lasts five years. Although the cost is upfront, you’re spending $600/year or $50/month on your vehicle wrap.

Our estimates:

Lifetime of investment = 5 years

Cost of Investment = $3,000

Lifetime reach of investment = 32,500,000

Cost per Thousand = $.09


Cost per Impression = $.00009

This means that for every 1,000 impressions, you’re spending .09 CENTS! Just think of your fleet’s effect on your brand impressions if all vehicle’s were branded. Your reach increases dramatically in the areas that you are currently servicing. PRICELESS!

If the money savings aren’t enough for you, consider this:

  • Vehicle wraps offer a more effective form of advertising that is directly in your driver’s view and that neatly sits by your future customers at stoplights, in busy traffic jams, at job sites, and at the local restaurants.  
  • Vehicle wraps have been shown to generate more awareness about your company and your brand because you’re right there on the road with potential customers. Making your brand real!
  • Vehicle wraps provide a sense of security for your customers and legitimacy for your workers.
  • The duplicating effect: When you pull up to your next job site, you not only want your customer to recognize you, you want their neighbors and others passing by to see who you are and show them that your client picked a great company. Neighbors are more inclined to use who their neighbors are using.. So give them a reason to call you!

Just look at this wrap we did for Air Solutions Heating & Cooling!

It is memorable, right?! When you see this vehicle in front of you or at someone’s house fixing their HVAC systems, there’s no question you’ll read their name and phone number. It’s something that just sticks with you.

Are you looking for more exposure at a fraction of the cost of traditional mediums?

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