Downtown Tulsa’s First Baptist Church has vision, purpose 

What defines your church, business, or organization?

Morals, services offered, and customer reviews help shape who you are, what you stand for, and how good of a job you’re doing.  

But how is your organization making a statement when a person comes through your doors?

Walk through the halls of First Baptist Church in downtown Tulsa and you’ll find certain walls, elevator doors, and parts of the floor that give the place a sense of direction, style and purpose.

You’ll find arrow decals on the floors pointing visitors to common places of interest, angel wings on a wall near the cafe’ to set the story for advent, elevator wraps in the halls highlighting community group meeting times, and large metal signs with weather resistant banners made to attract visitors.

A sense of direction has to have a hub, a designer, and someone to print that design and install it. We got a chance to catch up with Megan Morrow, First Baptist Church’s Graphic Design and Communications Consultant, to talk about how we helped them bring some of her designs to life.

Her favorite: the arrow decals on the floor.

“The floor graphics look like we just put them down,” Megan said. “They really are cool and clean easily. We will do those again, for sure.”

We installed the arrow graphics several years ago for the church. For years they’ve been walked all over, dirtied, and spilled on. But guess what… You can’t tell they aren’t brand new!

But one of the coolest stories the church has told with its graphic art has been through its one-of-a-kind angel wings we installed for the 2017 advent season.

Pictured here, you can see how interactive the wings became with the congregation. People started taking pictures in front of them, being asked to use the hashtag #AngelsOfAdvent on social media.

Brainstorming what to do with a blank wall in the cafe, the church’s pastor Deron Spoo wanted whatever went on it to be advent themed. That’s when, Morrow said, the idea for the angel wings came along.

“We have an artist who is a local Tulsa artist, Matt Bearden, who goes to church here and the pastor asked him if he would do it,” Megan said.

Bearden came up with the art, and after sizing the design carefully, Megan brought it to us to print and install. It was that easy!

The most rewarding thing Megan told us about the existing designs we’ve helped on is that she can see them being put almost anywhere! With the custom floor arrows, she says she can see that type of thing being put in various places… from all over the church buildings, to a children’s nursery/play area, she says the graphics help define certain spaces and catch your eye.

We hope we’ve caught your eye! And we want to thank Megan and everyone over at First Baptist Church in downtown Tulsa for our 7-year and counting partnership. We wouldn’t be able to do the fun work we do without such great clients.

First Baptist Church in downtown Tulsa, you’re looking good!

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